About us | Hemplution

Hi! We are truly delighted to welcome you at official website of Hemplution - the manufacturer of clothing, fabric accessories and knitwears made in 100% from high quality hemp fibers. We are a Polish family company from Olsztyn (WM), yet our interests and actions are also provided outside our city and country. While exploring this website you can find lots of interesting, practical and inspiring informations about industrial hemp fibers and of course - our online shop. Here, straight from the manufacturer, with guarantee of the highest quality you can purchase handwoven, organic clothing created in 100% from hemp fibers.

One of the basic price components of our products is of the highest quality material made of 100 % pure hemp. We are buying it in kilograms, it is a very rare and worthy material. Then we produce Hemplution clothes for you. That's why the price of our clothes depends on the size.

Hemp Revolution

Wording Hemplution comes from collate of two words: Hemp and Revolution. Hemps are used by humankind since antient times in production of food, clothes, medicines, fuels, cellulose etc. That's why hemp is the one of the most useful plant in the world.

100% Organic

Hemps are 100% organic plants, thereby all intermidiates and final products created with hemps are health and world friendly. The returning to mass cultivation of hemp for production of clothes and other products will be for sure a Revolution for humankind, giving us a chance to be saved from ecological catastrophes. This is the Hemp Revolution which Hemplution wants to be a part of.

Honesty and social responsibility

It is the another priority of our job. We are in determined opposition to lots of practices, soulless corporations and financial cartels, practices where the only index is the quantity, insane progress and pursuit of money. We believe that measures taken in accordance with people and for the environment are the real value and our real target is cooperation, not competition.