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What is hemp? What are the best uses of hemp? In this section we would like to show you that hemp is not only a bunch of grass and it is used for many purposes in variety manufactures and technologies around the world.

Natural Revolution in Your Closet

For many, clothes are something more than a must of an everyday life. They provide the opportunity to express one's emotions and personality. It is worth remembering that clothes and accessories we buy should be effective but also healthy and safe for our bodies. Do you know why you should choose those made of natural hemp fibers?

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Arrested Development

In the 1930s, it was not only the synthetic fibers that were being challenged by hemp industry. Mechanical Engineering magazine in 1937 called hemp “the most profitable and desirable crop that can be grown”; the following year Popular Mechanics magazine envisaged that new technologies and ready markets would make hemp the most valuable raw material in the world – "a billion dollar crop”

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What is hemp

Hemp (or industrial hemp) is an annual flowering pland classified in Cannabeaceae family. Except hemp this family includes 70 types of hackberry and two types hop which can be used in brewery. Tho even today we can meet different dusputes about dividing and classifying hemp types, genetic research performed on plants originating from different regions of world allows us to highlight following types

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