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  •  Men’s Blouse Hemplution® Classic Zip
  •  Men’s Blouse Hemplution® Classic Zip
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    Hemp Hoodie Hemplution® Classic ZIP Black

    129,00 €

    Hemp Hoodie Hemplution® Classic ZIP- HEMP Blouse , gift for him, vegan style, black hemp, NEW


    The Hoodie is made of Italian certified hemp yarn !


    Men’s Blouse Hemplution® Classic Zip with a bold double-layer hood, fastened with highest quality zipper made just for us by a Japanese company YKK. The blouse has two hemp twines as a welt. One of them is at the hood second on bottom of blouse. If You want you can remove both of them. Comfortable straight cut, with reinforced yoke and pockets.With secret pouch inside. Standard cut.

    100% HEMP, Made in Poland, EU.

    Hemp Revolution

    Wording Hemplution comes from collate of two words: Hemp and Revolution. Hemps are used by humankind since antient times in production of food, clothes, medicines, fuels, cellulose etc. That's why hemp is the one of the most useful plant in the world.

    100% Organic

    Hemps are 100% organic plants, thereby all intermidiates and final products created with hemps are health and world friendly. The returning to mass cultivation of hemp for production of clothes and other products will be for sure a Revolution for humankind, giving us a chance to be saved from ecological catastrophes. This is the Hemp Revolution which Hemplution wants to be a part of.

    Honesty and social responsibility

    It is the another priority of our job. We are in determined opposition to lots of practices, soulless corporations and financial cartels, practices where the only index is the quantity, insane progress and pursuit of money. We believe that measures taken in accordance with people and for the environment are the real value and our real target is cooperation, not competition.

    Size Chart

      XS S M L XL XXL

    A - length measured on the back

    (from the neck down)

    61cm/24,02'' 63cm/24,80'' 65cm/25,59'' 67cm/26,38'' 70cm/27,56'' 72cm/28,35''
    B - width armpit 96cm/37,80'' 102cm/40,16 108cm/42,52'' 114cm/44,88'' 120cm/47,24'' 126cm/49,61''
    C - sleeve length 78cm/30,71'' 78cm/30,71'''' 79cm/31,10'' 80cm/31,50'' 82cm/32,28'' 83cm/32,68''