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Hemp (or industrial hemp) is an annual flowering pland classified in Cannabeaceae family. Except hemp this family includes 70 types of hackberry and two types hop which can be used in brewery. Tho even today we can meet different dusputes about dividing and classifying hemp types, genetic research performed on plants originating from different regions of world allows us to highlight following types:

Konopie indyjskie, dzikie i siewne

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica originates from parts of Hindu Kush mountains (central Asia, northern-east Pakistan and central/west Afghanistan). This plants are taller than Cannabis Sativa plants, yet they are coniccar and senser. This type is used as drug or medicine, in comparison with other types it contains higher level of THC.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Originates from central Asia, this plants are quite tall (40-150cm) and contians lover level of THC. This type is characterised by very good resistance for harsh enviroments. Thanks to that it can grow naturally in south-eastern Europe, also in Poland.

Cannabis Sativa

Occuring in Altai, Then Shan mountains, in Afghanistan and Souther Caucasus, as crops they have spread arould the world. Plants of this type can grow up to 5 meters and they are contaiining less than 0,2% of psychoactive THC. Cannabis Sativa are commonly used in variety manufactures and technologies such as:

  • clothing - hemp clothes are very durable, breathable, antifungal and antiallergic
  • car industry - e.g. used to produce car bodies
  • boatbuilding - ropes and sails
  • building - building materials
  • paper industry
  • food industry
  • biodiesel production
  • biomass fuel
  • medicine - painkillers, antibiotics, antipsichotics, anit-inflammatory drugs, anxiolytics and anispasmodic drugs


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